Understanding, rethinking and redesigning property set-ups and making the most of them.


Creating the conditions that make business happen.

There is a suitable foundation for every business – and an optimum scenario for every property. JGB upgrades properties in a business-savvy way, revitalising them and making the most of the tenant structure and potential. The more targeted and concerted such changes are, the greater the benefits for all involved. It is precisely with this in mind that we analyse circumstances, tap potential, plan usage types and implement measures. For market-driven configuration and the best possible economic development.


    A company’s workspaces have a significant impact on its efficiency. This is why we develop modern office concepts with flexible structures that enable a focused, creative and cooperative way of working. Environments tailored to people, their needs and the tasks at hand.


    The inherent function of stores is to be appealing and to persuade customers to make a purchase. Aesthetic, well-structured properties in prime locations help ensure good results. We find these properties, develop them and bring promising spaces together with successful tenants.

  • Retail & Office - Leipzig
  • Retail & Office - Berlin
  • Office - Berlin
  • Retail & Office - Leipzig
  • Retail & Office - Berlin
01 / 05
Retail & Office - Leipzig

Appreciating values and shaping them accordingly.

With strategic foresight and professional flair, residential properties can develop considerable value prospects. JGB applies sound selection criteria for long-term economic suitability at the purchasing stage – and corresponding efficiency during construction. In property development, too, we know exactly what needs to be done to create a product that is suitable for the target group.

Our approach is always professional and appropriate to the situation. We refurbish and renovate in a way that makes sense for us, but also for the tenants. Without any questionable cosmetic or over-the-top modernisations. Structural changes are made only where appropriate. Always with a sense of proportion and an eye on the figures – in other words, geared to long-term growth.


    In order to generate a constant increase in value, apartment buildings must be developed according to their location. We acquire or build mixed-use properties, optimise their infrastructure and manage them on a long-term basis. For sustainable revenues.


    Most residential property complexes are based around a lifestyle concept. We put this approach to the test, modernising the infrastructure or creating timeless assets right from the get-go. With the corresponding benefits for the property and its future viability.


    When real estate is divided up on a project-by-project basis, several sides benefit. We structure the value chain very carefully to ensure that the process is profitable for vendors and developers as well as for buyers/tenants, investors and users. For ownership. For a high quality of life. For the future.

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  • Exklusive Lofts - Berlin
  • Eigentumswohnungen - Berlin
  • Gemischt genutzte Gründerzeit-Immobilie - Berlin
  • Wohnanlage - Berlin
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Exklusive Eigentumswohnungen - Berlin

Proactively optimising real estate, on all levels.

For us here at JGB, the management of properties is not a mere administrative process, but more of a dynamic creative process. Discursive, open-ended, but with a clear goal: increasing quality and yield – for users and owners alike.

Good management is based on knowledge and experience. We conduct in-depth analyses and evaluations, taking into account all sources of information and future requirements. Strategic planning and implementation also includes business aspects, innovation technology and sustainability issues. Investment decisions are continuously reviewed and adjusted – always with a view to the best possible development.

  • Asset Management

    Intelligent asset management draws its success from a combination of observation, strategy and tactics. We evaluate the market situation, design innovative leasing and marketing concepts, reduce vacancy rates and monitor targets. Consistently and continually.

  • Property Management

    On the property side, it is very important to us that we take an all-round approach to professional relationships. In addition to commercial and administrative tasks, we take care of our tenants’ personal concerns, mediate between their wishes and asset management goals, optimise operating costs, and improve the quality of the property and services. For comprehensively good results.

  • Development

    In order to ensure that a property keeps evolving, you have to constantly keep rethinking it. Thanks to our experience, we can anticipate changes in the social structure or the market – and make projects profitable in the long term. Integrative concepts, implemented with strong partners: not only future-proofed, but sustainable and innovative too.